Portrait image of Brian Swyers
Bryan Swyers, President

Who We Are

Our team

We are a full service agency specializing exclusively in the voluntary/supplemental insurance market. Our team of experienced professionals includes a management team with 28 years of expertise and our enrollment team has of an average of 8 years in the field.

Our philosophy

We use the best and most talented personnel to help support our team of enrollment professionals.

Connecting employees with better benefits

Benefits can be complicated and we understand this. With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to build a comprehensive benefit package. We use knowledgeable enrollers who can provide a simple way to access the best possible voluntary benefits for you.

Why us?

  • Convenience: We are a one stop shop for all supplemental insurance enrollment and service needs
  • Reliability: You can count on our staff to assist with anything
  • Flexibility: We work with companies that employ anywhere from 3 to 60,000+ employees
  • Experience: With a combined 45 years’ experience, our knowledgeable staff will go above and beyond to help satisfy your needs
  • Support: We strive to provide the best customer service- Call us today and get the personal care you deserve
Portrait image of Brian Swyers
Bryan Swyers, President